Flogging Molly - Wanderlust


G Well Id love to photograph Am your hand

Then G shake it for a Am while

Cause you G learn so much about Am someone

A C brother D or a G swine


The G veins that plough Am beneath your path

With so G many tales Am to tell

A G picture out of Am focus

In a C frame D where no G one cares


D Calm the ocean breeze

C Quiet the raging G sea

D This stormy ship we sail

Is a G bottle filled with D rage


[Chorus 1]

Do you still G walk the streets C at night?

With the G wandlust you C fight

Back to the G corner where C we went D our G separate ways


Well we G walked upon the Am railroad

Cause the G train no longer Am ran

Where we G caught a glimpse of all Am we missed

From the C stars that D filled our G eyes


With a G dollar in your Am only coat

And a F fireball in your Am hand

You G set your sails for Am better days

Down in C South D Australia G  


D Dark though it has been

Your old C spirit still shines G within

These last thirteen years depraved

Of us C anything thats worth D sayin


[Chorus 2]

G So raise D a cheer G to those forgotten C years

Back to the G corner where C we went D our Em separate ways C Em D Em C D


[Chorus 1] x2

Now the G carnival is goin Am home

The G ferris wheel is Am spent

For those G rovin years of Am endless jeers

Have C dried all D that was G left